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22nd Annual Congress “360° TOOTH CHALLENGE: Crown Down Treatment Solutions”

BOLOGNA MAY 7-9 2020

Dear Members, Colleagues, Friends of AIC,

Together with the entire Executive Council, I am very pleased to be able to present you the 22nd Annual Congress which, following the epidemic of COVID-19 which has also seriously affected our country, we had to suspend and postpone: the Congress will take place in Bologna on 22-24 October 2020.

The program remains unchanged, all the Speakers have given their willingness to change the date, with the exception of Professor Daniel Edelhoff, who for previous commitments cannot be with us in October. The Pre-congress Course will be held by Lorenzo Vanini, whose value you all recognize and who on that date was already engaged with AIC for an Update Course in Rome.

The Congress program offers an all-round view of the tooth with an update on all options for preserving individual teeth and therapeutic options available for their replacement where this is not possible.  On Friday it will take us on a journey from the root apex to the tooth cusp apex.

Starting from the endodontic aspect, we will look at methods of preserving pulp vitality even in extreme cases, how to instrument canals more conservatively when vitality is lost and how to decide between traditional endodontic measures and surgery when re-treating a tooth with an apical lesion.

We will then move on to periodontal and restorative aspects, defining how to treat deep margins and make our restoration biologically correct and long-lasting, how to evaluate residual structures to ensure a successful partial adhesive restoration and, where this is not feasible, when to opt for a full coverage restoration as the only remaining option. At all times, we will follow the conservative approach that is in the AIC’s DNA, i.e. preferring the rational choice – based on clinical data and findings in the literature – of preserving the natural tooth rather than ending up with a “soulless tooth”.

On Saturday we will offer a complete overview of the most varied restorative options for a missing or lost single anterior or posterior tooth, evaluating multidisciplinary surgical, orthodontic and restorative aspects.

We will again hold the “Lunch&Learn” sessions that have been so successful in the past and, to complete the picture, the theme of the Thursday Course will allow us to reflect on the importance of the occlusal aspect in reconstructive and rehabilitative therapy through the presentation of Lorenzo Vanini accompanied by numerous clinical cases.

Finally, the AIC Congress will also open to Dental Technicians who will be allowed to participate with the Dentists in the pre-congress course and in the Saturday sessions, while on Friday a specific program of great interest is scheduled for them. Nowadays indirect restorations combined with adhesive techniques find more and more space in conservative/ restorative treatments and it is  therefore indispensable that too the Dental Technicians will carry out their theoretical and practical update together with us.

We are confident that this Congress, after the great concern and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus epidemic, will constitute a positive meaning of recovery and rebirth, both human and professional.

Continue to support us as always … and more than ever!

We look forward to meeting you!
Francesco Mangani
AIC President 2020-2021

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General Information

Palazzo  della  Cultura  e  dei  Congressi
Piazza della Costituzione, 4
I-40128 Bologna


Attendance to the  AIC Annual Congress is open to AIC 2020 Members – Dentists and Students (attending the Faculty of Dentistry).


Official languages
The official languages are English and Italian. Simultaneous translation  from Italian to English and vice versa is provided (except for Lunch&Learn, Companies Workshops and Dental Technician Session, which will be in Italian only).



President: Francesco Mangani

President Elect: Federico Ferraris

Vicepresident: Mario Alessio Allegri

Secretary: Stefano Piccinelli

Treasurer: Lorenzo Massai

Council Members: Allegra Comba  – Nikolaos Perakis



MJ Eventi sas

Via del Gelsomino, 20

50125 Florence – Italy

T. +39 055 4089445 – @


When: 22 October 2020

Place: Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi