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April 23rd – 24th -25th, Riva del Garda

17th International Congress April 23rd-25th, Riva del Garda

Conservative Dentistry is a dental clinical discipline that aims to preserve the natural tooth to be restored with maximum respect for the remaining dental tissues. Prestigious clinicians, researchers and experts in the field from Italy and abroad have kindly accepted our invitation to illustrate the state of the art in Direct Restorative Dentistry: it will be very interesting to see how far we can push the direct restoration of teeth, evaluating the results over time and define the limit beyond which we should prefer an indirect restoration approach.


April 23rd, Riva del Garda

Pre-Congress Course “No-prep aesthetic and functional rehabilitations: concepts for today and for the future”

Speaker: Didier Dietschi

Chairmen: Roberto Genovesi, Stefano Patroni

April 24th-25th, Riva del Garda

17th International Congress “Dental Excellence made Easy: the DIRECT way”

Coordinators: Massimo Gagliani, Marco Oddera, Cesare Robello

Chairmen: Franco Brenna, Lorenzo Breschi, Massimo Buda

Speakers: Fabio Bassutti, Eugenio Brambilla, Franco Brenna, Lorenzo Breschi, Didier Dietschi, Daniel Edelhoff, Paolo Ferrari, Federico Ferraris, Siegward Heintze, Adamo Monari, Ulla Pallesen, Gaetano Paolone, Marleen Peumans, Cesare Robello, Bart Van Meerbeek, Lorenzo Vanini

April 25th, Riva del Garda

Course reserved for Dental Hygienists: “The role of the Oral Hygienist in the modern Conservative Dentistry”

For the first time we have organized as part of our meeting a parallel session dedicated to Dental Hygienists. The work of this professional figure has become more and more important in our daily practice, either to prepare the patient in the early stage of our treatment plan as well as in the maintenance of our restorations over time. Any restorative therapy should be preceded by the “cure of the caries disease”, which involves the identification and elimination of risk factors: a maintenance program plays an important role in the long-term success of our work.


Chairmen: Alberto Bertelle, Paolo Maestripieri

Speakers: Gian Marco Abbate, Riccardo Ammannato, Giuseppe Chiodera, Simona Giani, Filippo Graziani, Luca Levrini, Alberto Libero, Michele Palazzo




Bus Timetable – Rovereto/Riva del Garda – Riva del Garda/Rovereto  


When: 23 April 2015

Place: Riva del garda